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Hello, I'm Christine

happy Christine Tomsheck Hairstylist Hair Salon in Great Falls, MT

I became a Cosmetologist for the love of the art of hair and making your skin feel beautiful!  Along the way I found a love for lashes as well and love creating that special lash look you are looking for!

While growing up in a small farming/ranching community, I dreamed of a career of helping others while still being able to live and enjoy life.  As a Cosmetologist I am able to do exactly that, while still being able to have a love for my career.

I started braiding my own hair at the age of 6,  and from there have always had a love for the art of hair.  As I got older I found that finding a good hairstylist was not easy to come by.  After a couple bad cuts, I started cutting and coloring my own hair, which led to me cutting and styling my brother and  friends hair too.  Today I strive to make sure you leave loving your hair!  It warms my heart to know I was able to help you feel beautiful when you leave my chair loving your hair!


I didn't find an interest in skin care until I was in cosmetology school.  I remember as a teen my friends asking how I kept my skin so nice, and honestly at that time I didn't have an answer cause all I did was wash, exfoliate, and hydrate just like I assumed everyone else did.  I also didn't wear a lot of makeup.  I have never been a big makeup person.  While in cosmetology school I learned how my routine was actually beneficial and now know that what each persons skin needs is different depending on their lifestyles.  Once I learned this I wanted to help everyone with their skin care needs, but not only on a facial setting, I learned to create beautiful brows and to remove unwanted hair through waxing.  Today I perform waxing using a sugar wax, which is all natural and gentle on your skin.  


As time has gone on, having longer, bolder, and fuller lashes has come into the industry.  At first I wasn't sure this service was going to be something I would add, but as clients kept asking me more and more about them, I decided to learn more about them myself so I had a good answer for my clients.  As I took classes on lash extensions I found I had a natural talent for them.  My lash instructor commented on how steady my hand was and that I was a natural.  Reminded me of Anatomy and Physiology in High School and my Science teacher making the same comment as we dissected a cow, only he thought I should be a surgeon.  As I took the classes, I found that I actually enjoyed creating different lashes for people so I decided to add it to my services, and it brings me pleasure to give you the lash look you are looking for!

Time is precious, so when you are in my chair it's all about you!  I do my  best to schedule plenty of time for your service to get you your hair, lashes, or skins desires!  Not only will I listen to get you your hair, lashes, or skins desires, but I will also coach you on how to get the same look at home and which products will be the best for your needs!  As a lover of nature I also strive to make sure your products are earth friendly and plant derived. 

I am a fun, loving, light hearted person who enjoys making others happy!  When I'm not in the salon or keeping up on the latest trends you can find me with my family enjoying the Great Outdoors.  Camping, hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding are just a few of the things we love doing!

Book an Appointment Today!  I look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your beauty needs!

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